11. Mar, 2016

NDIS - putting the soul into being a sole trader

The NDIS will open up some exciting opportunities for people with disability, but it will also open up some pretty exciting opportunities for support workers too.

Imagine, being able to work in a job that isn't just about getting paid, a job that is also about the satisfaction from supporting someone else to live their life, their way. And not having to work for an organisation - you can be your own boss!

To quote the NDISs own fact sheet: "Many people studying for qualifications like hairdresser, electrician or mechanic dream of owning their own small business one day. Under the restrictions previously attached to funding for disability supports, this was not a career option for people working in the disability support industry.

With the introduction of the NDIS, the choice and control inherent in the ideology of self-directed supports means that, for the first time, disability support workers may consider establishing their own viable small businesses working for multiple NDIS participants.

These contractors are not tied by organisational policies; can negotiate with participants and provide more flexibility with regard to hours worked and tasks undertaken – really embracing the principle of ‘the right support at the right time’."

Having already set myself up as a successful sole trader - and as a subject matter expert on the NDIS, I can help you create your future.

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